When repairing a car can quickly be quite expensive, getting to grips with it is a more economical solution: you can find large stocks of spare parts on the Internet, at more than affordable prices, less expensive than at a garage dealership.

Online purchase of spare parts

Many websites offer online sales of spare parts. Once delivered, the part is ready to be assembled: you can assemble it yourself or call on a professional. On the web are multiplying networks of professionals who agree to repair a car at home, for a modest fee. So, whether you repair your car yourself, or get help, buying spare parts online has the major advantage of being more economical. Prices are estimated to be about 50% cheaper on the Internet than on the market. Other positive points include in general a fast delivery, reactive technical assistance, a wide choice of parts...

The choice and quality of the parts

You will be more likely to find quality parts on reference sites or on sites of retailers who work with professionals. Brake pads, shock absorbers, headlights, batteries, windscreen wiper blades are the most common parts to change, and also the most easily found. Their quality and manufacture bring them together under three categories:
  • Original parts, manufactured by the manufacturer alone. The economy here is not very important, sometimes non-existent.
  • Equivalent quality" parts, manufactured by the manufacturer's subcontractor, are about 30% to 50% cheaper than those of the manufacturer. Only the packaging, the look, the finish....
  • Private label or private label or adaptable parts, much cheaper but of lower quality. They do not represent the majority of parts sold on the Internet.

"Do It Yourself", to make yourself

Once you have the right part and to make real savings, all you have to do is assemble it yourself! Perhaps you don't know how to do it? An additional advantage of the online sale of spare parts is its educational aspect. Car repair is a "DIY" business: to do it yourself! You are guided to the right part, to choose the right part according to your needs. You will then benefit from advice, photos, videos... with the assistance of professional mechanics. Everything you need to be able to repair your car on your own!