Maybe you have a spare car that you don’t use much. Right now, maybe it is just sitting in the garage, in the driveway, or it is just parked somewhere in the street. Instead of allowing it to build up dust, you rent out your car and in the end; you will find that you have accumulate loads of money. You can as well make life easier for a potential rideshare driver when you rent your car. Renting out an individually owned car is a win-win for both owners and potential drivers. You will earn cool cash while relaxing back and allowing your car do the work.

How to rent your car in UK

Rent my car in UK is just simple. The majority of the rental companies in the country make use of the traditional form where you go to the hire agency and fill out forms. But now latest car rental service UK has surfaced. This rental model, cars are normally parked all around the crowded cities for you to choose. Random vehicle owners in the major cities list their car on a website where renters will pick a car they like. The payments are normally made via the site.


List your on a website, describe the condition of the vehicle. Then fill in relevant information like the year, make, VIN number, as well as the model of the car. You can also give details why your car will be the best vehicle for car sharing. For you to enjoy the hire my car service, you are supposed to be at least 21 years of age. The majority of the cars owners are normally hesitant to rent out my car to people who are below 25 or above 70 years old. Renters can use their normal driving license to rent peoples cars. However, for the license to be used, it has to be in English language. If your license has a different language, you are supposed to first apply for an international driver’s permit (IDP). Drivers with major conviction or at least two minor convictions in the last five years will be automatically ineligible for rent my car services in the UK. Moreover, drivers who have above 6 points on their licenses won’t be permitted to rent cars in the UK.

Price for the service

The prices are normally determined by the owners of the cars. The car owners usually charge 30% less of what you would normally pay a traditional hire company. The full amount of cash charged usually depends on the length of the rental as well as the type of the car. The price will also differ based on whether you choose the surplus reduction option or not. If you pick the excess reduction option, you will have to pay less cash lest you damage the vehicle. If the accident was reasonable, the insurance company will meet the total cost of the whole damage.

Where to rent your car

You can affordably rent your car in UK easily if you decide to go for the latest peer to peer UK car rental services. You will be capable of renting a car directly to the renter. In the crowded cities of the United Kingdom, your car can be among the countless available rental cars. Ensure that you provide all the required information so when the renters sign up, they will get the best information of your car. They will send the request and you will approve the renter’s request when the renters sign up, they give out their information and hire the car as soon as possible.