Are you planning to travel to the United Kingdom? A very good choice! You can enjoy its magnificent landscapes, whether urban, coastal, flat or mountainous. Nature lovers will appreciate the many natural parks and landscapes that England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have to offer. Athletes will immerse themselves in the atmosphere of stadiums or pubs, during a football or rugby match, or try out one of the many golf courses on the peninsula. In terms of cuisine, fish & chips, Scottish haggis, Welsh Glamorgan sausage or Irish Yellow Man, not to mention the famous English breakfast (English breakfast, made with eggs, bacon, beans and toast), are a must! Take a seat in your car rental in the United Kingdom, and let's go!

What are the most important rules of conduct in the United Kingdom?

Below you will find a lot of practical information to help you travel stress-free in the United Kingdom. With nearly 344,000 kilometers of paved roads and almost 3,500 kilometers of motorways, it is preferable to know the rules applied by the Highway Code, such as:
  • Driving in the United Kingdom is on the left side. The roundabouts and overruns are therefore made from the right.
  • The maximum permitted blood alcohol level is 0.8g/L in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 0.5g/L in Scotland.
  • Distances and speed limits are indicated in miles: 30 mph in town (about 48 km/h), 60 mph on the road (97 km/h) and 70 mph on the highway (112 km/h). Fines for speeding are at least £100.
  • You cannot use your phone while driving, but please note that hands-free equipment is accepted. In the event of non-compliance, the fine may amount to £200.
  • The road network is in fairly good condition. Traffic jams are common in large cities during rush hour.
  • If you see a double red line or a double yellow line, it is strictly forbidden to park. If you see a single yellow or red line, please read the signs carefully; it is possible to park or not at certain times and for a fee.
For more information on driving, read the UK driving guide. To refuel, you will find BP, Texaco, Esso or Shell stations, open 24 hours a day at motorway stops. In town, supermarkets like Morrisons and Tesco sometimes have gas stations, offering more attractive prices at the pump.

Road trips with my rental car in the United Kingdom

If you decide to do a road trip in the United Kingdom, be aware that you have a lot to choose from for the itinerary. Many applications may help you by giving you some thematic itineraries, which you can find in their entirety here. Golf lovers will be able to enjoy the legendary greens of the United Kingdom. Start in Aberdeen on Scotland's east coast and enjoy world-class golf courses down to Liverpool. If you still have some time left, discover Ireland by crossing Liverpool-Dublin! Others will be attracted by the visit of the locations of their favorite series! From Games of Thrones, Belfast to Londonderry in Northern Ireland, Downtown Abbey around Oxford, Harry Potter, Glennfinnan in Scotland to King's Cross Station in London, there is something for everyone! As for nature, it's difficult to make a choice! If you rent a car in the UK, we offer you routes along the Norfolk coast, north of Norwich, between Kings Lynn and Mundesly. Winter and summer alike, you will enjoy the magnificent beaches of this county. Further north, not far from Leeds, discover the York countryside from Kirkbymoorside. Fill up with greenery, while enjoying the tourist attractions of the route. Shopping, cooking, architecture, history and museums await you at every stage. To get some fresh air and get away from it all, head for the Highlands in the north of Scotland. Between Inverness and Durness, we promise you a complete change of scenery, based on discovering the region's flamboyant nature, its legends (such as the Loch Ness monster), or the fauna and flora of the land and sea. In Durness, let yourself be seduced by the beautiful beaches, which remain natural.