All vehicles must be insured in England, whether they are on the road or simply parked without being used. In England as elsewhere, car insurance is compulsory, even if it is limited to third party insurance (civil liability). However, it is preferable to have more extensive insurance. So what about car insurance in the United Kingdom? If you bring your car with you from England, make sure you have car insurance adapted to the license plate. This is essential. It will allow you to be covered even outside of France with your English Car Insurance. However, it is important to contact your insurer for your car insurance and check if you do not already benefit from adapted car insurance for driving your car abroad or an offer in your package. So if you can have this additional coverage. It is always better to extend your insurance than to take out another one. English car in France is new or used; make sure that your contract provides for the payment of compensation at the purchase price in the event of theft. It is important to check with England before insuring your car. It is sometimes mandatory to take out local insurance in the United Kingdom which is already quite expensive. If you are faced with such a requirement, check with a French insurance company that may have a branch. Our advice is to compare and compare the prices around you the insurance in France and the insurance in England this way according to our survey it is preferable to insure your vehicle in France in advance with simply your English registration will allow you with a copy of your license to subscribe to your insurance cheaper than in England. Your international car insurance premium will depend first of all on your country of residence and that of destination. Because, according to insurers, some countries present more risks. Then, your personal history will be taken into account. If you have a long list of offences to your credit, English car insurance the premium will logically be higher. International companies and expatriates often benefit from more flexible coverage and coverage will be more protective. The insurance contract itself will often extend over a longer period than that of an individual residing in a given territory. Often information about the make and model of the vehicle is requested, as well as the age of your car, the type of fuel used and evens the type of on-board alarm. Then, you will have to provide more personal information to establish your profile (age, sex, place of residence, details of your permit...). Your insurance history and the type of coverage you want will also be part of the information to be provided for your English Car Insurance in France.